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LinNe was created so that people can enjoy the sound of “sahari” orin bells in their everyday lives; adopting them beyond their formal use as a Buddhist instrument.
Each orin has its own unique tone, and will resonate with each individual in a different way. The embracing reverberations of the orin may feel nostalgic, cleansing, calming, or heartwarming. Find the tone that connects with you and integrate the sound of orin into your daily life.



This is a small orin made of sahari, with a diameter of approximately 3 cm.
The Chibi (M) has a deep and gentle sound when lightly shaken.
It can be hung to chime in the breeze or rung like a bell.


This is a very small orin made of sahari, with a diameter of less than 2 cm. It has a lovely sound like a little bird. The long string makes it easy to hang or tie.


The Ren is like a windchime, catching the breeze to make a gentle sound.
It has a soft, clear tone and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
It can be hung near doors, air conditioners, fans, balconies, eaves – anywhere with a breeze.
Enjoy the soothing tones as they travel through the air, delighting you unexpectedly.
The wind catcher is available in either a circular or rectangular shape.


The enveloping sound of the Myo helps to enrich the moment, soothing the mind with its smooth lingering tones.
Myo can help to both calm and relax or refresh and refocus you during busy times.
The beautiful lingering resound of the Myo is ideal as part of your everyday prayer, meditation and mindfulness.
There are three shapes to choose from.

Combined Traditions, Amplified Beauty


Each orin is individually hand-knotted using a Kumihimo (braided cord) called "Shouken Karauchi" made by craftspeople at the Shoen Kumihimo Workshop in Uji, Kyoto.

・Chibi (S) Aioi Knot
・Chibi (M) Chrysanthemum Knot, Double Knot
・Ren Double Knot

※Available in black, red, yellow and pink.


Each braided hanging cord is individually hand-tied by a kumi-himo craftsperson using a winding method called “Oda-maki”.
This creates a spherical knot with no visible break, regarded as a good luck charm for continuous relationships.
While retaining a traditional Kyoto identity, the sleek design of the Myo is not limited to the accouterments of Buddhist rituals and fits seamlessly into everyday modern life and style.

※Select from a choice of four traditional Japanese colors: momo (peach), karashi (mustard yellow), nezumi (gray) and asagi (teal).

Care and replacement of strings